Ten things I learnt in my 40's

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The list is long, but time is short. Here are the top 10 things I that I've learnt during this decade. 

  1. You need to have a will sorted. Trust me, I learnt the hard way. 

  2. A joint account with your partner is an absolute necessity to protect your family if something happens to one of you. You’d be surprised how many couples don’t have them.

  3. Find the people who give you joy, and keep them near you (even better if they are great huggers).

  4. Emotions fight harder to get to the surface. Stop avoiding them and wallow if you need to.

  5. Know the best ‘touch up’ colour for your roots. Have some stored in case of emergency.

  6. Laser hair removal doesn’t work on grey hairs (erm…underarms).

  7. You might remember when you found your first grey hair on your head, but finding your first grey pube is another level.

  8. Botox just moves the wrinkles to another part of your face (that's my experience). Go lightly on any injectables if you go there. Be you.

  9. Dating doesn’t get any easier. It’s just different now, with more baggage. Everyone has something. Be kind.

  10. Savour the memes and text/WhatsApp conversations with your friends. They will quite likely save your sanity.

My bonus number 11....memories beat perfection.

Lisa walker laughing