Our Story

How did we end up here?


Kate + Lisa

Like all great stories, ours revolves around friendship and knowing we could do things better.

Eir was born from our own mid-40's cries of....

I've Lost Who I Am

And it wasn't just us. We were hearing it over & over again….from the women all around us. 

What's wrong with me? I can't finish a sentence. I've got the memory of a goldfish. I’m so tired. I can’t sleep. There's an extra kilo every year...is this life in your forties?

The mental churn and daily grind was squashing the confidence and joy we knew we had within us. The old ‘us’. The women who lived life to the full, with no apologies. 

We decided there had to be away to feel like us, again. 

Eir Women is the home of wellness and happiness for women over 40. The culmination of endless conversations, consolations and consultations about health, wellness and the joy of having the second half of our lives left to live. 

Why Eir?

In Norse mythology, Eir is the goddess of healing. She is strong, she is a leader of her tribe and she looks after her circle. 

She embodies everything we love about looking after ourselves and each other during this time of life.


About Lisa

Harnessing joy, my kids, dancing, living in colour, being outside, saying YES.

After losing my husband at 47, I changed my life. Something had to give. And it was almost me.

So I left 25 years of corporate marketing, 10 years of yoga teaching and a lifetime of pleasing others to launch Eir, so I could focus on something I'm truly passionate about - midlife wellness.

On the way I discovered a lot about myself... I also started my own little YES movement.

Read more here.


About Kate

Laughter, Orange Theory, the dog park, my teenagers, tea parties.

My passion for wellness stems from a near-death experience. I fell into a coma after giving birth to my son, and held him for the first time when he was three weeks old.

You could say that changed a few priorities.

I learnt that life is here to live and I plan to do it well. With health, wellness and great women around me being top of the list.

Read my story here, including all the great things my ancestors told me.

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