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Our philosophy is simple. Nutritionist & Naturopath formulated supplements for women feeling the hormonal shifts as they move towards and into perimenopause. Natural medicine for hormonal changes and life over 40.

Created by women also over 40. We've got you (because we are you).

We guarantee you'll feel more like you.

Our Collection

black vitamin bottles x 3

Triple Threat Bundle

Our best value bundle. Show Up, Reboot & Zipped for $149.

SAVE $38

Better Days - Eir Women

Better Days Bundle

Our most popular products together at last. The perfect day buster.

SAVE $19.

two black glass vitamin bottles with one lying on side with yellow tablets

The Power Duo Bundle

The perfect day/night combo. Our original pair for the best results.

SAVE $19

black glass vitamin bottle sitting next to yellow carton

Show Up

A commitment to your best self, to Show Up every day.

Energy | Stress | Brain health | Anxiety | Hormone balance | Mood | Immunity

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Embrace serenity, conquer stress & foster recovery.

Sleep | Stress | Anxiety | Brain Function | Muscle Recovery

black glass vitamin bottle next to pink carton


Supercharge your body, soothe your gut & curb cravings.

Metabolism | Bloating | Digestion | Sugar cravings

orange pouch with black writing

NEW Sparkle Gut Powder

Revitalise your well-being with better gut function.

Gut Health | Detoxification | Bloating | Energy | Probiotics | Immunity

Green pouch with black writing

NEW Flourish Vitality Greens

Glow from the inside out.

Vitality | Immunity | Detoxification | Inflammation | Skin & Hair | Cholesterol

Pink vitamin box with silicone massage cup

BACK IN STOCK! Zipped + Body Contour Massage Cup

Double up toxin and water elimination with Zipped + Body Contour Massage Cup.


Body Contour Silicone Massage Cup

Back in stock. relax muscles, improve circulation and flush out lactic and uric acid.

Woman with dark hair wearing a blue knit jumper

Once upon a time

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Game changer! 

These products are Amazing. As a nutritionist myself I have never found a product that works so well. I have tried many and these are a complete game changer! They work almost instantly and I am not having any night sweats and sleep is soooo much better !


I started taking these just under a month ago and they have helped so much! I have energy again, I’m happier, sleep has improved (not completely) but better than it was. I also find I am dealing with stress better and I have also lost a little weight. I have felt like I have been crazy for the last 6 months and not recognising who I am anymore. Since taking eir I have felt so much more like myself again. I honestly bought these because I was willing to try anything up to that point. I am so glad I did! Thank you ladies for helping me feel sane again

Triple threat

I bought the triple threat to try them all out. I can feel a difference in my mood, my sleep, and my sweet cravings.
My skin is glowing and people are asking me what I'm using? I recommend these supplements to my friends who are having perimenopause symptoms. I love them.


Our laws of product

Less is more in neon lights

Less really is more

No more than 10 ingredients you really need. The less ingredients we use, the more of each we can fit in.

Maximum efficacy, and no minimal doses to make a claim. 

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vitamin capsules and green leaves sitting on wooden table

Science first

Ingredients proven by science. Clarity, healing and powerful protection when you need it most. TGA approved and listed.

Bioavailable / Vegan / Gluten Free

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