Fellow goddesses.

At Eir for Women, we don't just promise greatness; we deliver it in spades. We're not here to play games or make empty claims. We stand behind our products with unwavering confidence because we know they're nothing short of extraordinary.

Our mission has always been to unleash the inner goddess within each one of you. To make you feel like yourself again. To own this time of your life. We've meticulously crafted our products with a blend of science, passion and love to ensure they exceed your wildest expectations. We created these products for ourselves and our friends, so we know they work.

But, if you feel like our products aren't living up to the greatness we've promised, don't sweat it. We've got you covered with our money-back guarantee.

No drama, no hassle, no fluff. Just reach out to us, and we'll make things right faster than you can say "perimenopause."

We've seen countless women experience the Eir effect, and let us tell you, it's like pure magic. The kind that leaves you energised, confident, calm and ready to take on the world (without rage).

Remember: We've got the goods, and we've got your back. We just ask that you read the finer print below.

With unshakable conviction and spades of love,

Lisa + Kate.


Terms & Conditions

To be eligible for our Money Back Guarantee you must; 

  1. Use the product at the recommended daily dosage for a minimum of 30 days.
  2. Ensure that your HCP or GP has cleared use of Eir if you are taking any other medication.

If you haven’t found results after using the product correctly and consecutively for 30 days, contact us at info@eirwomen.com.au

You will receive a refund of the price you paid for your order, less shipping and handling. As a guide, in Australia the base shipping and handling rate is $12. We will advise you of your shipping rate specific to your product purchase.

Terms and conditions

  • The money back guarantee is for new customers only
  • You agree you have not used the product previously
  • You meet the eligibility criteria and agree to all details set out above
  • Eir Women reserves the right to withhold a refund if we believe you are not acting in good faith
  • Taste, smell & texture does not form a part of this guarantee 
  • Nothing contained on our site is intended to be or should be taken for medical diagnosis or treatment
  • Always read the label and use only as directed.
  • Use of any supplements should always be in conjunction with a healthy diet and physical activity.