Medicine For Your Gut

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Today we're featuring a recipe from our friend Aline from The Wellness Witches to aid diversity of your gut microbiome. 

We are learning more every day about gut health, and did you know that the diversity of your gut microbiome is the key to better health?

We really should eat 30-40 DIFFERENT veggies per week, but being honest, most of us stick to rotating the same veggies and we barely even eat enough each day.

This veggie mash-up recipe is an EASY, quick and sustainable way of feeding your gut microbes a wider variety of veggies, to boost diversity with prebiotics and phytochemicals.

1. Choose a wide range of fresh, organic, veggies (10, 20, 30 if you can!)
2. Clean them, peel those with tough skin (example turnips or beets), chop in chunk size pieces and then pulse in your food processor or thermomix until it becomes a smooth “mash”.
3. Store in a glass jar in the fridge or freeze in ice cube tray. Freezing makes sure you have preserved most of the nutrients
and you always have fresh veggies at hand, daily.

- Start using 1-2 TBSP (or one cube) in your daily smoothies, throw it into meat dishes, sauces, scrambled eggs or just water (not my thing, but some are tougher than me
😂). Slowly work your way up to 3 TBSP.

- You can use root veggies: carrot, beet, turnip, radish, parsnip etc
- You can use green veggies: kale, broccoli, cauliflower, Kohlrabi, cabbage, etc
- You can use fresh herbs (oregano, parsley, mint, dill, ginger, turmeric etc)
- You can use mushrooms, rocket, zucchini, asparagus, celery, onion, chard, dandelion greens etc etc

Note - you might have to work on your gut health FIRST as raw veggies can be hard to digest. If you get bloated and it doesn’t settle down, it’s a good sign you need help with your digestion (and a good time to contact Aline). Underlying gut issues like SIBO, Candida, pancreas issues might make it hard for you to digest raw veggies.

If you find raw veggies don’t work you can also make this veggie mash cooked and still get some benefits.

About Aline

Aline is a leading expert in Cellular to Holistic Health guiding midlife women to thrive. As a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, Cellular Health and Nutrition Coach she guides you to transforming your health from the inside out so you can finally feel back in control, comfortable and confident in everyday life.

Find Aline here.