Meet Jackie Baron - Neon Goat Founder

Meet Jackie Baron - Neon Goat Founder - Eir Women

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Meet Jackie Baron, Founder of Neon Goat, a range of natural deodorants for teen boys (and boy, do we need them). 

What inspired you to launch Neon Goat?

Quite simply put – my two sons inspired me to launch Neon Goat although I don’t think “inspired” is the best word for it…it came from a desperate NEED!!! Carpooling boys across Sydney from school to soccer, the dojo, basketball, tennis…it was not pleasant when these boys hit puberty and the body odour is actually the inspiration! But there was no product available that met all of our needs – so I went for it and created it!

Why should we choose Natural deodorants for our boys?

How many of us are so hyper focused on natural and organic products when we have newborns, even toddlers – and then somethings happens, and I believe we as parents can sadly often become a bit lazy. We think boys will be boys. BUT – reaching for a cheap can of body spray to mask the body odour when they need it most as they hit puberty is NOT the solution. These boys are still little, not a little hair under their little armpits and we must support them with the appropriate products. There’s a critical piece of education (for both parents and their sons) that sweating is natural. We need to have a good shvitz (sweat) and sweating is natural for all our bodies but we really don’t like B.O – so an effective but natural deodorant that works with their little ever changing bodies is so important for them  - but us too!! Carpool drivers everywhere – you can thank me later!

How have your life experiences lead to you becoming an entrepreneur and launching your own business?

I think being a mum is the best experience for becoming an entrepreneur!
Having a background in big brand advertising has helped certain aspects of the Neon Goat business – but it’s my mothering experience (or as I like to put it – “Director of Family Matters”) that has enabled me to drive the launch and growth of this business. The ability to multi-task, trouble-shoot, pivot, work effectively and ultimately know that there will be obstacles one can not control (as I was able to do pre-children) is my (our) greatest asset.

What do you think the most challenging element is in this decade? (40’s)

We are definitely called the sandwich generation for good reason. Most of us are still extremely hands on raising our children at multiple ages and stages whilst simultaneously finding ourselves caring more and more for our aging parents. I don’t believe any generation previously has been tasked with these varying levels of care and responsibility whilst still needing time to care for ourselves and our own relationships.

What changes have you noticed in your body/mind during your 40’s?

Where do I begin?!
From the physical changes that creep up on us and then hit us in the face (literally) in our 40’s through to the myriad of perimenopausal symptoms that also creep up on us so stealthily. I’m just grateful that conversations around this stage of our lives have become so much more authentic and a part of the contemporary dialogue so we are able to share the load with our sisterhood. I do feel I can become even more educated as to this next phase of my life but know that the support and access to information and options will be available to me and hope this becomes even more readily available to women throughout our society.

Given your busy life, what is your non-negotiable each morning?

It always has been and hope it will always be – exercise. I’ve forever been an early riser and have forever kicked off my mornings being active. I believe this gave me sanity pre-children as I was working around the clock, even when my kids were young it was like a little window of “me time” and to this day – it’s how I start being grateful for the day closely followed by a nice large glass of hot water and lemon!

What is it you love about raising your teen boys?

They teach me so much. Not without its challenges and I do believe we as parents need to put in real effort when raising our children to go on this brilliant journey together. Teen boys today are different  - very different to how our brothers or partners were decades ago – they hold a different space, have very different expectations and are often savvy beyond their years – our job as their parents is to keep up our knowledge and be that constant support.

As a busy mum and entrepreneur, how do you balance your work/life/family?

The juggle is real. I’m often driving my boys before the sun rises to sport, get some exercise done, effectively cram in work during the day, and back on the school run for the afternoon shift until the sun goes down. And we all know - it’s too easy to keep working through the evening but shutting down the technology should be more of a priority. Sadly, a family meal has to wait until a Friday evening and our weekends are more often than not hectic!

Balance? What balance??!!!

What’s your dream for the future with Neon Goat?

Neon Goat is truly a heart-led brand but I do want it to become known as “the brand for our boys” – we will take both parents and their boys on the journey through puberty supporting them all the way. Neon Goat literally translates to – shining a bright light on our Greatest of All Time – and we will continue to focus on this principle for many years to come. I’m passionate about Neon Goat and believe that big things come to those with passion so watch this space!

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