Why we created Eir

Lisa walker sitting on chair and Kate Guaran standing behind

Thanks for joining us at Eir.

We created this space for our fellow women, to bring together community and knowledge around health over 40.

Our brand is built on the values of:

Knowledge is your superpower. There are so many questions around women's hormones over 40 and perimenopause and frankly, it needs to be talked about more.

Empathy as we get you. We are you. We tell each other the same stories you’re telling your friends too. Losing keys, forgetting your kids names, the occasional tantrum (from us), anxiety, heart palpatations, not sleeping. Yep.

Trust in the science. There are many ways to navigate perimenopause. This is one of them. We work with female naturopaths and nutritionists who are experts in women’s health. And they are over 40 too.

 We’re in it together. Come and join the ride.

Lisa and Kate.