Meet Rachel White: Founder of Scentimental

Meet Rachel White: Founder of Scentimental

If you have children, you can probably see a bit of yourselves in this image. As a mum of two boys I certainly do...

Meet Rachel, the founder of our newest featured brand Scentimental: a collection of quote and image-based candles and scents that remind us that life (and mum-hood) isn't always as rosy as we like to make it out to be. 

What inspired you to launch Scentimental?

My journey into motherhood inspired me to launch Scentimental. I wanted to ensure that mothers could feel connected and supported whilst on their journey and from their homes.

How have your life experiences lead to you becoming an entrepreneur and launching your own business?

I’ve always been a dreamer and a big believer in that we create our own reality. We can have whatever we want in life and that the sky is NOT the limit, there is a whole universe out there. I have no fear around trying new things, I have more fear about being stagnant and not growing or to go after what I want in life.

What is your favourite women empowering quote?

“Above all else… prioritise your alignment”

What makes your candles and room sprays so special?

Besides that the scents are AMAZING, it’s the message each product conveys. Words are so powerful within our minds. Motherhood can feel isolating and a bit like groundhog day. Sometimes we just need to read a little something to shift our energy.

Given your busy life, what is your non-negotiable each morning?

I wake up before the kids to have my matcha outside in complete silence. There’s something powerful when you’re awake before the world. I exercise every morning, and this sets me up for my day. It means I have already had a win and done something for me.

What change do you want to see in the world?

I want mothers to embrace their new identity of motherhood but also knowing they don’t have to completely succumb to it, it’s ok to still have parts of who they were before motherhood. I want to normalise the reality of what being a mum is really about. As well as giving more information to those around us in what support we need as mothers.

What is it you love about raising your kids?

I love watching them grow, practicing something and watching them win and their little faces when they feel accomplished in something and their curiosity for life.

As a busy mum and entrepreneur, how do you balance your work/life/family?

Haha! Some days I absolutely smash it and some days I don’t. One mum hack is I order all of my groceries online and everything is delivered. I try to be organized and schedule my days to include everything from work, kids, time for myself, my family everything. I allocate time slots so I know where what’s next and what needs to be done and I can be present in that moment.

Do you have a parent fail that you’re willing to share with us?

My boys are 17 months apart in age. When Oscar (my youngest) was maybe 4 months old, I had my toddler, Hunter, in the bath. He was trying to hop out so I placed Oscar onto the bed and he rolled off, straight onto the floor. 

What’s your dream for the future with Scentimental?

I want Scentimental to be a one stop shop for mothers. I would like to continue to expand into stores and eventually have our very own Scentimental stores.

You can shop selected Scentimental products directly from our store or go to the Scentimental website here.