Meet Melissa Trafford-Jones: Founder of Deltora Diamonds

Meet Melissa Trafford-Jones: Founder of Deltora Diamonds

Meet Melissa, the founder of Deltora Diamonds, an ethical diamond company right here in Australia. From our perspective she has the best job in the world, working with diamonds every day (or is that just us?)

Many more people are opting to choose lab grown diamonds over mined diamonds, because they are identical to natural diamonds, yet much more ethically created and are more affordable than mined diamonds.  

What inspired you to launch Deltora Diamonds?

I’ve always loved diamonds—as a kid I dressed up in mum’s pieces and pretended I had a glamorous job and an even better tennis serve. Then I grew up and realised diamonds are hideously expensive and I needed a house more.

I founded Deltora Diamonds with the mission of making diamond jewellery accessible to all women with quality as the key driver.

Our fine jewellery collection is a mix of ready to wear basics for the every day using lab grown diamonds and gems at spectacular price points. We also have a wide range of pieces that fit every occasion. Whether its a special milestone, an engagement, a wedding, or just because gifts, we have lab diamond tennis bracelets, tennis necklaces, lab diamond stud earrings. The jewellery pieces that you once coveted are now within reach.

How have your life experiences led to you becoming an entrepreneur and launching your own business?

I have had a varied career mostly in the marketing space but in different industries and have been fortunate enough to have exposure to all facets of business. I have also learnt a lot about business from both my father and my husband who have their own successful businesses. In life I think every experience you have had can be translated into business, something as simple as good customer service can be modelled off how we simply want to be treated ourselves. I often get told that I went above and beyond for a client but its simply the only way I know.

What do you think the most challenging thing is in this decade? (40’s)

The fear of 50, and also its watching my parents get older and my kids growing into adults which is a joy but certainly makes you feel a lot older.
With kids there will be challenges at all ages and the same in life so its all about how we mange those and compartmentalise them so we don’t feel overwhelmed.

What changes have you noticed in your body/mind during your 40’s?

I could eat anything i wanted before about 42 and now i literally walk past a chocolate and put on weight

Why should we choose lab diamonds?

They sit in that sweet spot of fabulous value for money, ethnically the better choice and they have a lighter footprint on the earth! 

Given your busy life, what is your non-negotiable each morning?

Coffee. Coffee and sleep because i literally can't function without them both. Next year I am going to include at least four times per week some form of exercise in the morning but I know its going to have to be a very early start.

As a busy mum and entrepreneur, how do you balance your work/life/family?

I live by my diary its the only way. With four teenage boys there comes lots of school activities and social events and coupled with working 6 days a week iI wouldn’t survive without it

Do you have a parent fail that you’re willing to share with us?

Ha, how long have you got? My most recent parenting fail is when my son told me his shoes were so small that his toes were all bent over. I of course took him to buy some new sneakers, the retail assistant measured him and looked at me in extreme disapproval that his current shoes were in fact two and a half sizes too small - FAIL

What’s your dream for the future with Deltora Diamonds?

I believe in the power of a partnership and so next year its about partnering with like minded businesses to see what we can achieve and spread our wings into other markets.

And don't forget, until the 23rd December 2023 with every complete purchase on our website you will go into the draw for a Deltora Diamonds diamond necklace worth $1250! 

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