Born in Geelong as the youngest of 9 (!), Kate finished high school with a dream to work in the marketing department at David Jones. She called them up and they told her to study a Bachelor of Business Marketing, so that’s exactly what she did.

The DJs dream was never realised, but Kate did spend more than 2 decades perfecting her marketing know-how in ad agencies, FMCG and at Canon, where she met Eir’s other half, Lisa Walker. The two worked together side-by-side, five days a week, for 5 years. The mutual understanding of being a 40-something wife/mother/sister/daughter/boss solidified their friendship, which then after many walks and Whatsapp chats about the perils of peri-menopause, materialised as Eir.

Kate’s purpose at Eir is to make menopause and peri-menopause a more positive experience for women (but also, a place to share stories of hot flushes and memory black-outs). It’s also Kate’s mission to offer women a proven solution, and to do it without judgement or awkwardness or referring to hormones as “happy”.

As the single mother of one teen and one pre-teen (both of whom are smarter than her) as well as Jem the Pugalier, whatever little spare time she has is spent making Kombucha, sweating it out at OrangeTheory or shopping for a bra that is actually comfortable. Her wheels fall off sometimes, but it’s nothing a trip to the dog park can’t fix.

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Eir Women co-founder Kate Guaran