Lisa Walker is Eir’s co-founder and resident left-brain thinker/big-picture planner.

Hailing from the outskirts of Melbourne, she graduated from university with a Bachelor of Applied Sciences and every intention to work within an environmental group—or better yet, the zoo. But a post-uni ad agency gig unearthed a knack for beauty and health marketing, and she spent years fine tuning the stories of other brands and celebrities including Canon, Invisible Zinc, Skinstitut, Lisa Wilkinson and Dr Chris Brown, whilst teaching yoga on the side.

Lisa crossed paths with Kate along the way and water-cooler chat became a friendship, glued together by their ability to find hilarity in (almost) every situation that comes with feeling constantly foggy/fatigued/frazzled and managing the mental load. The idea for Eir simmered in the background, but eventually the two decided to create a solution for the issues they—and all their friends—were silently battling with.

The knowledge she’s creating something transformative for women is what’s propelled Lisa through about 105875 false starts/mistakes/steep learning curves. Her passion lies in helping women feel normal again (because it’s possible!), and to add a feeling of lightness into every life stage (peri-menopause included).

Lisa now calls Sydney’s Northern Beaches home, where she solo-parents two boys and a look-a-like cavalier (her very own zoo) following the devastating loss of her husband in early 2022.

Lisa's passion lies in helping women find new purpose and midlife health for longevity to get the absolute best out of the 2nd half of their lives. 

She loves yoga and nature (but not pina coladas) and fantasises about living in the New Zealand wilderness.

Follow Lisa on Instagram @walker_on_the_wild_side for more daily life hits and misses and health tips for women over 40. 

woman with long blonde wavy hair wearing green top and blue pants sitting cross-legged on purple armchair