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Abdominal Weight Gain + Stress

Written by Laura Jennings - Deakin Researcher and Registered Nutritionist One of the most talked about, but not-so-fun side of hitting our 40s – is what I like to call… the stress-belly. That stubborn pouch...
Embracing Empowerment: Why I became a pole dancer at 49

Embracing Empowerment: Why I became a pole dancer at 49

Lisa gives her view on pole dancing and why it could be your best new fitness friend for over 40.
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Guest Goddess: Penny Walsh on the benefits of outdoor training

Now that spring has sprung, it's time to venture out of your trackies and get outside. Penny Walsh's top 10 benefits of Outdoor training are right here. 
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The destroyer of Sugar! Gymnema Sylvestre

At Eir, one of our most favourite ingredients is Gymnema Sylvestre, which we like to call THE SUGAR DESTROYER, in shouty capitals. Why is it so great? Here are the top 5 reasons that Gymnema...
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The science of adrenals

The science of adrenals, and how it plays hand in hand with perimenopause and women's hormone health.
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Symptoms of Perimenopause

As you would already know, perimenopause symptoms are mostly caused by changing levels of hormones produced by our ovaries. During our 40's and leading into perimenopause these hormones fluctuate wildly. It's like being a teenager...