We were hearing it over and over again from the women all around us. 

'What's wrong with me? I can't finish a sentence. I've got the memory of a goldfish. There's an extra kilo every year...is this life in your forties? I feel out of control.'

The mental churn and the daily grind got on top of us. After looking for products to help us feel like ourselves, and with numerous friends in the same state, we realised the help we needed just wasn't there. So we decided to fix it.

Eir Women is the culmination of endless conversations, consolations and consultations with women like us.

From what started as many, many COVID lockdown walks where we discussed anything and everything, eventually a plan came together. And after three years of research, formulating, testing and perfecting, we launched. 

Our premise is simple. Efficacious formulations presented in a way that is simple to understand, looks beautiful enough to leave on a shelf, says what it does and how we want to feel.

We hope you love them as much as we do.

Lisa & Kate x 

Lisa Walker in floral dress and Kate Guaran in blue suit jacket