Body Contour Massage Cup (single without Zipped)

Body Contour Massage Cup (single without Zipped)

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Why we love it

Help eliminate cellulite, fluids, toxins and water retention with our Body Form Cup.


Using Swedish massage techniques our Body Form Cup uses light suction and long and gliding movements to relax muscles, improve circulation and flush out lactic and uric acid.  It's simple to use in the shower for everyday use. 




Directions for use

Body Form Cup

Use daily in the shower or bath. Make sure you are nicely lathered up. Then gently suction the cup on by pressing the top onto the body part you are massaging.  Start with your thigh so you can get used to it and see what you are doing.  Don’t press too hard!  You can easily adjust the suction by just releasing a bit of the tension on the rim.  The cup needs to move easily over your skin, but still feel the gentle massage.  Use long and fluid movements, just like Swedish massage.  No more than a couple of minutes per area. The cup will soften up with use and become a super easy part of your daily routine.

Active Ingredients


Made from Silicone