About Kristen

Meet Kristen, our lead Naturopath and Nutritionist. 

Kristen is Eir’s in-house nutritionist and naturopath, plus a BIG advocate when it comes to female hormonal health.

With a stack of qualifications under her belt (Master of Human Nutrition, Bachelor of Health Science, and an Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy), she’s amassed a wealth of knowledge that’s enabled her to approach health and wellness from a holistic standpoint.

As a mum of three teens, she’s also well-versed in just how demanding it is to be a woman. Between work, family, domestic stuff and mortgage repayments, there’s not a lot of time left over for self-care (as in, she prioritises breakfast that extends beyond a double shot latte). That’s why her approach is science-based, but grounded in reality: healthy habits to make women feel good, but are also conducive with real life.

Kristen has been a guiding oracle throughout the Eir formulation process, ensuring every single ingredient serves a purpose. She’s also the in-house hormone guru, dishing out pearls of wellness wisdom to make the peri-menopause rollercoaster as smooth as possible.

When she’s not being a nutritionist or ‘mum’ you’ll find her down on the beach at Collaroy swimming, surfing or soft-sand running.

You can find more information about Kristen at https://www.beckhealth.com.au/

Kristen Beck, Eir Women. Kristen is sitting on a yellow chair with a yellow jacket and blue jeans on.